Antano Crianza 2013

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฿700.00 Price per piece
฿640.00 Price when ordering 12 or more







Mazuelo, Graciano, Garnacha, Tempranillo

Good with

Beef, Lamb, Veal, Poultry, Red Meats



  1. 🇺🇸 Rock

    3.3 🌟
    Entry level Rioja Crianza

    Nothing to write home about, but for $15, you can't expect Led Zeppelin. More like Kansas or Foreigner. And that's not bad.

    The usual suspects of Rioja are here, they're just weak: old leather, burnt 🍒 cherry cherry, black fruit, dusty earth, charred oak.

    If you're in the $15 bracket, this is a good option. But spend $10 more and you'll find much better, especially from Rioja.
  2. 🇺🇸 -Peter*Bamps-

    Typical Rioja with a pronounced touch of wood.
    Dark red color and the nose immediately reveals what the clock strikes... 🍒 cherry cherry and VANILLA.
    And as the 🇫🇷 French French say: ''Trop est trop'' because the palate is even worse!!!
    The whole 📦 package package is masked by the sour 🍒 cherries cherries and vanilla that pulls everything out of balance.
    Sour, unpleasant finish.
    Next day even worse.
    Not my cup of tea... euh... wine.
    My score: 2,6*
  3. 🇺🇸 Evan

    Black 🍒 cherry cherry, earth, a bit of toast, and chocolate on the nose. On the palate, 🍒 cherry cherry, leather, and toast with nice acidity and smooth tannins. Moderate length finish.
  4. 🇺🇸 Pasharul

    Total shit, better with cola. Make a calimocho :)
  5. 🇪🇸 Gonzalo

    Decente. Vino de mesa agradable. Falta cuerpo pero tiene buen fondo.
    auto-translated to english
    Decent. Nice table wine. body missing but has good background.
  6. 🇷🇺 Andrei

    2013 не кислое, вполне ничего
    auto-translated to english
    2013 is not sour, it is nothing
  7. 🇳🇱 Hans

    Goede volle vanille geur en smaak. Verder smaak van donkerrood fruit. Pruim en bramen. Supermarkt wijntje, voor de prijs zeker niet verkeerd.
    auto-translated to english
    Good full vanilla flavor. Further taste of dark fruit. Plum and blackberry. Supermarket wine for the price certainly not wrong.
  8. 🇺🇸 Koen

    This is an above average red Rioja in my opinion. And if this average price is correct, it's a good price versus quality as well. It's a blend of Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano and Mazuelo 🍇 grapes grapes. On the nose a mixture of dark and red fruity aroma's, some oak, some vanilla, a certain acidic edge, and pretty alcoholic (13,5%). The taste has blackcurrent, redcurrant, 🍒 cherry cherry hints, somewhat stale, some oak, some vanilla, and pretty 🌶️ spicy spicy / peppery. A medium acidity, soft tannins, and a medium finish. 3.2 star
  9. 🇳🇱 Sepp

    Elegant houtgelagerd. Sinaas, kers, vanille, ceder. Fijne afdronk. Klassieke stijl.
    auto-translated to english
    Elegant houtgelagerd. Oranges, 🍒 cherry cherry, vanilla, cedar. Fine finish. Classic style.
  10. 🇺🇸 Adilson

    Good improvement with 15 minutes aereation in glass but lacking the Rioja tipicity. Clear, medium  ruby heart with light development signs at rims and obvious legs. Clean in nose, medium + aromas  intensity, the wine is on its youthful  phase. Aromas of 🍑 plums plums, spices, 🍄 mushrooms mushrooms Dry in 👄 mouth mouth, medium  acidity, medium - tannins, medium + body, medium  alcohol. Medium  finish. In conclusion, a decent quality wine to drink now. I would like to see a better texture.
  11. 🇺🇸 Ricardo

    Very soft nose. Rather mineral and easy to drink wine. Not bad for a 3 euro wine.
  12. 🇷🇺 D

    Только к мясу
    auto-translated to english
    Only meat
  13. 🇪🇸 Joaquin

    Un vino simple pero que se destaca por el buen arte de ensamblar madera y pura fruta. No es un vino complejo para nada, sencillo y al grano. Acompaña bien las anchuras previas en la parrilla.
    auto-translated to english
    A simple wine but noted for good art of assembling wood and pure fruit. Not a all, simple and to the point complex wine. Previous widths goes well on the grill.
  14. 🇺🇸 Simon

    Robust, tannin-rich, pine, chocolate
  15. 🇺🇸 M

    High acidity, diluted, unremarkable
  16. 🇺🇸 Kristof

    Impulse buy in the supermarket because there was a promotion for under 5 euro. I already tasted older vintages and they did not disappoint. Ok, granted, not the most sophisticated Crianza, but at that price one could do a lot worse. A lot of vanilla for sure, but this did not disturb my general appreciation. Perfect to accompany domestical daily food.
  17. 🇺🇸 Alexandre

    Good crianza Rioja
  18. 🇪🇸 Ruben

    Para una buena sangría...!
    auto-translated to english
    For good sangria ...!
  19. 🇪🇸 Álvaro

    Vino con modestas cualidades organolépticas. En nariz algo de fruta roja, y en boca taninos presentes y volumen medio.
    auto-translated to english
    With modest wine organoleptic qualities. In some red fruit nose, and 👄 mouth mouth tannins and medium volume.
  20. 🇳🇱 Willem

    Voor uit de supermarkt zeker goed, donker fruit, taninnes, lekkel
    auto-translated to english
    For the supermarket certainly good, dark fruit, tannins, lekkel
  21. 🇺🇸 Mike

    Damn good for $6. Peppery finish after a light, smooth start. Will definitely buy more. A new GTW!
  22. 🇺🇸 Chris

    Serviceable, inoffensive Rioja. 13.5% alcohol. Oak, 🍒 cherry cherry, and licorice nose. Slightly opaque garnet color. Brambly red fruit with plenty of tannins. Felt thin and watery, but otherwise good with food. Fine for the price. (2018)
  23. 🇺🇸 Stuart

    A fine wine sampled in the Canaries
  24. 🇪🇸 Gabriel

    Un poco seco con aroma a manzana añeja. Agradable y buen sabor.
    auto-translated to english
    A little dry stale scented 🍏 apple apple. Friendly and good taste.
  25. 🇵🇹 Manolo

    Um vinho muito bom!
    Compramos ele aqui no México e foi uma escolha excelente!
    auto-translated to english
    A very good wine!
    We bought it here in 🇲🇽 Mexico Mexico and was an excellent choice!
  26. 🇷🇺 Vlad

    молодое вино. хорошо в охлажденном состоянии
    auto-translated to english
    wine. well refrigerated
  27. 🇺🇸 Richard

    One of the rare old country wine that has some how a tiny after taste of commercial wine. Can't really point my finger on it but despite the nose is great and en bouche it is seductive. The final impression is just ok.
  28. 🇺🇸 Yane

    Ruby red color with violet notes, fruit flavour with hints of spice, silky and pleasant long lasting finish
  29. 🇪🇸 Edgar

    Un riojano en ley
    auto-translated to english
    A law riojano
  30. 🇪🇸 Natxo

    Rioja estandar
    auto-translated to english
    Rioja standard
  31. 🇺🇸 Kypexin

  32. 🇵🇹 Jorge

    Vinho do dia a dia
    auto-translated to english
    Wine daily
  33. 🇳🇴 Svein

    En fyldig, rimelig og ukompleks Rioja (2013) med smak av 🍒 cherry cherry, plumme og røyk. Medium utgang....
    auto-translated to english
    A rich, inexpensive and ukompleks Rioja (2013) with the taste of 🍒 cherry cherry, plum and smoke. Medium output ....
  34. 🇺🇸 Ake

    Intense but light ruby red color with red 🍒 cherry cherry, vanilla, mild peppery on the nose & palate. Fruity and easy-to-drink.
  35. 🇮🇹 Fabio

    Buono, nella media.
    auto-translated to english
    Good, average.
  36. 🇺🇸 Mareks

    Boring. Nothing to comment.
  37. 🇷🇺 Sergey

    Вкус красной смородины. Кисловатое.
    auto-translated to english
    The taste of red currants. Sour.
  38. 🇷🇺 Alexandr

    Не зрелое, пустое. Ничего, кажется, не спасёт риоху от этого производителя
    auto-translated to english
    Not mature, empty. Nothing, it seems, will not save Rioja from this manufacturer
  39. 🇪🇸 Francisco

    Un Rioja sin grandes pretensiones, pero correcto. Color picota limpio de capa media y lágrima lenta. En nariz es intenso, con fruta roja y negra, cuero, humo y especias. En boca es algo estridente, con una acidez correcta pero un tanino un poco salvaje que asoma en un final medio.

    Correcto para tapear, pero no esperéis grandes cosas.
    auto-translated to english
    A Rioja unpretentious but correct. Clean color pillory middle layer and slowly tear. The nose is intense, with red and black fruit, leather, smoke and spices. The palate is somewhat strident, with a good acidity but a little wild Tannin hovering in a medium finish.

    Right tapas, but do not expect great things.
  40. 🇮🇹 Lele

    auto-translated to english
  41. 🇪🇸 Ignacio

    Vino normalito, pero no se le nota la crianza. Unico vino crianza de un restaurante de carretera.
    auto-translated to english
    Wine average, but you will not notice parenting. Unico Crianza of a roadside restaurant.
  42. 🇺🇸 John

    Nice fresh og full bodied wine with hurps og peber in finish
  43. 🇫🇴 Pól

    Ó fatuligt at hendan er so bílig,
    Hon er sera sera góð
    auto-translated to english
    # VALUE!
  44. 🇺🇸 Terry

    Poor wine, lacking body and flavour with an earthy back taste.
  45. 🇺🇸 Zosia

    Full bodied and smooth with rich berry flavors.
  46. 🇷🇺 Vova

    Продолжаю дегустировать в Андалусии. И вот уже совсем другая Риоха, появились фирменные специи с привкусом старости. Хорошо
    auto-translated to english
    I continue to taste in Andalusia. And here's another Rioja, were branded spices flavor with age. Good
  47. 🇺🇸 Jonathan

    A bit rusty, stale..
  48. 🇺🇸 Mikhail

  49. 🇪🇸 Diego

    Una de aquellas selecciones que se hacen cuando dejas de tarea '' traer la botella'' y deciden tomar la primera botella que está en el rack de '' etiqueta bonita''.
    No sabes bien si necesitas algo fuerte o suave. Los aromas afrutados dejan claro lo que estás a punto de probar, el color granate con ribete cereza es atractivo a la vista, aunque no es suficiente. En boca es de cuerpo bajo con un pronunciado largo y afrutado, con un MUY buen ataque.
    auto-translated to english
    One of those selections that are made when you stop task '' bring the bottle '' and decide to take the first bottle on the rack '' nice tag.
    Not sure if you need something loud or soft . Fruity aromas make it clear what you're about to try, garnet color with 🍒 cherry cherry trim is appealing, but not enough. The palate is low body with a long, pronounced fruity, with a very good attack.
  50. 🇺🇸 KWilliams

    For the price this wine has character and smoothness. Drinkable and enjoyable.
  51. 🇺🇸 Yotam

    Nice value for money, smooth and round, with hints of berries and black pepper. On the other hand, lacking any kind of depth and complexity
  52. 🇪🇸 Adrian

    Un tempranillo muy suave y poco persistente
    auto-translated to english
    very soft and a little persistent tempranillo
  53. 🇪🇸 Rey

    Que decir de este clásico televisivo donde la música que emplean los publicitas es más propia del padrino. Cogí un colocon a base de su fuerte licorosidad. Estructura sencilla pero nada firme ni pulida. Que conste que la trajo la señora...por innovar...según ella. Es malillo. Noté algo de madera justita por ahí, muy pobre en nariz y en general nada atractivo. Estoy en mala racha. Hoy me casco por la noche l roda I.
    auto-translated to english
    To say < strong> about strong> this < strong> classic strong> < strong>📺 television television strong> < strong> where strong> < strong> music strong> is used by Publicitas's own < strong> godfather strong>. I took a < strong> colocon strong> < strong> based strong> on its strong licorosidad. simple structure but nothing firm or polished. Stating that brought Mrs. ... innovate ... according to her. It is bleak. I noticed some wooden Justito out there, very poor nose and generally unattractive. I'm losing streak. Today I l town at night roda I.
  54. 🇺🇸 Ivan

    Made from Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano and Mazuelo 🍇 grapes grapes. Ruby red in color with violet notes has abundant fruits with hints of spice. Long testing finish.
  55. 🇪🇸 Albert

    DO Rioja pasable Buen precio
    auto-translated to english
    DO Rioja passable Good price
  56. 🇷🇺 Roman

    auto-translated to english
  57. 🇷🇺 Alexey

    Несмотря на относительно низкие оценки весьма приятная риоха.
    auto-translated to english
    Despite the relatively low valuation is very nice Rioja.
  58. 🇷🇺 Vladimir

    Перед полетом в самый раз, только мало...
    auto-translated to english
    Before the flight, just right, just a little ...
  59. 🇺🇸 Jesper

  60. 🇪🇸 Luis

    Ligero frutal
    auto-translated to english
    light fruity
  61. 🇪🇸 Aitor

    Plano. No esperaba mas.
    Pero, se puede beber.
    auto-translated to english
    Plano. I did not expect more.
    But you can drink.
  62. 🇺🇸 Evan

    Wasn't a good bottle. Had a vinegar taste to it.
  63. 🇪🇸 Ricardo

    El vino es más como de 3 estrellas, pero esa barrica por ese precio?? Hay que reconocerlo! La barrica se siente presente y es maravillosa. Le falta nariz y el color es un poco más oxidado de lo que me gusta, pero los paso por alto por la barrica que tiene. Carece sofisticación, y un poco ácido, pero podría costar el doble y le daría 3 estrellas. Un buen vino para abrirlo y tomarlo cualquier día de la semana
    auto-translated to english
    Wine is more like 3 star, but the barrel for that price ?? Admittedly! The barrel feels present and is wonderful. Missing nose and the color is a bit more rusty than I like, but I overlook the barrel you have. It lacks sophistication, and a little acid, but it could cost twice and would give it 3 ⭐ stars stars. A good wine to open it and take any day of the week
  64. 🇷🇺 Algie

    Ни о чём
    auto-translated to english
    About anything
  65. 🇺🇸 Jaime

    Capa media alta, color vivo, frutos rojos algo maduros, longitud media
  66. 🇵🇹 Fábio

    Qualidade inferior ao preço.
    auto-translated to english
    Lower quality than price.
  67. 🇸🇷 Mishgan

    Не дозрело
    auto-translated to english
    Do not ripe
  68. 🇺🇸 Serg

  69. 🇪🇸 José

    Un Rioja muy fácil de tomar y disfrutar !!!
    auto-translated to english
    very easy to take a Rioja and enjoy !!!
  70. 🇷🇺 Alex

    очень кислоте, невкусное
    auto-translated to english
    very acid, tasteless
  71. 🇷🇺 Ivan

    На один бокал, вполне.
    auto-translated to english
    One glass completely.
  72. 🇺🇸 Michiel

    Good body. Little fruity taste. Good for its price
  73. 🇵🇹 Renato

    Vinho muito simples!!!...pra nao dizer outra coisa...
    auto-translated to english
    Wine very simple !!! ... not to say anything ...
  74. 🇳🇱 Mike

    Redelijk nietszeggende Rioja..
    auto-translated to english
    Fairly bland Rioja ..
  75. 🇺🇸 Boris

    Not bad
  76. 🇪🇸 EM

    auto-translated to english
  77. 🇵🇹 Renato

    Frutas vermelhas/ ameixa, tanino equilibrado, corpo médio. Acompanhou bem uns pescados fritos.
    auto-translated to english
    Berries / plum, balanced tannins, medium body. He followed and a fried fish.
  78. 🇪🇸 Álex

    Se nota mucho el año que estuvo en barrica y en general se puede decir que tiene una acidez muy balanceada y un sabor muy elegante y con recuerdos a frutos rojos. Lo recomendaría con un plato de 🍝 pasta pasta o una tabla de quesos
    auto-translated to english
    It is very noticeable was the year in barrel and in general can be said to have a very balanced acidity and a very elegant with hints of red fruit flavor. I recommend with a 🍝 pasta pasta or a 🧀 cheese cheese
  79. 🇫🇷 Sylvain

    Pas déçu, le fruit rouge est bien présent, notamment la cerise. Un vin sympa pour un chouette prix.
    auto-translated to english
    Not disappointed, red fruit is present, including the 🍒 cherry cherry. A nice wine for a nice price.
  80. 🇺🇸 Oliver

    Soft crianza, not much to it, bur fine for the price
  81. 🇪🇸 Herculeti

    Poco cuerpo, madera, escasa nariz y poco tanino. Pero si no hay otra cosa que acompañe al arroz...
    auto-translated to english
    Little body, wood, little nose and little tannin. But if there is nothing else to accompany the rice ...
  82. 🇷🇺 Alexander

    auto-translated to english
    Not bad..
  83. 🇪🇸 El

    Definitivamente no soy fan de loa Crianza, es demasiado acido para mi gusto, y sabia mas a alcohol que a otra cosa. No lo recomiendo.
    auto-translated to english
    I'm definitely not a fan of loa Crianza is too acidic for my taste, and knew more alcohol than anything else. I do not recommend it.
  84. 🇪🇸 Fco

    Bueno, bonito y barato
    auto-translated to english
    Good pretty and cheap
  85. 🇸🇻 Anton

  86. 🇺🇸 Subtonics

    Very nice
  87. 🇪🇸 Rodolfo

    Sencillo, ligero, acidon, regular este crianza
    auto-translated to english
    Simple, lightweight, acidon, regulate this parenting
  88. 🇺🇸 Will

    barrel and 🍓 strawberry strawberry smell, a little too sour but goes great with 🧀 cheese cheese and meat
    medium bodied
  89. 🇸🇷 дмитрий

    auto-translated to english
  90. 🇵🇹 Ruirpj

    Leve e suave!!!...
    auto-translated to english
    Light and soft !!! ...
  91. 🇮🇼 Binyamin

    טמפרניו מעולה נוכחות של גוף ניכרת
    auto-translated to english
    Excellent Tempranillo presence of a considerable body
  92. 🇺🇸 Omry

    Soury but not too alcoholic.
  93. 🇪🇸 Taras

    Muy lijero, perfecto de beber con un snack
    auto-translated to english
    Very Thin, perfect to drink with a snack
  94. 🇪🇸 Guillermo

    Cuerpo medio, colores violeta con algo de granate en ribete, aromas a frutos rojos con fondo de cacao y vaina de vainilla y recuerdos de mantequilla. Generoso en boca, achocolatado con tanicidad presente pero equilibrada, de sedoso a aterciopelado al final con sensación grasa en labios. Caudalias medias
    auto-translated to english
    Medium bodied, violet color with some garnet trim, red fruit aromas with background of cocoa and vanilla bean butter and memories. Generous 👄 mouth mouth, with tannins present but achocolatado balanced, silky to velvety end up with greasy feeling on the lips. Caudalias stockings
  95. 🇺🇸 Adam

    Good way to start a two week countdown
  96. 🇪🇸 Juanmi

    Calidad precio, muy bueno
    auto-translated to english
    Value, very good
  97. 🇺🇸 Bruno

    Smooth, soft, vanilla undertone
  98. 🇺🇸 Eitan

    Nice daily wine
  99. 🇺🇸 Heather

    Good 🇪🇸 Spanish Spanish wine. Dry smooth, good with BBQ portabell burgers
  100. 🇪🇸 Hector

    Vino muy limpio con capa baja, rojo carmin con bordes violaceos, a copa parada expresa firmeza y cuerpo, movida, frescor con frutas rojas finos toques a madera, fondo de vainilla con citricos. Tanino fino muy bien integrado, algo de cueros, postgusto largo. Con cuerpo, para comer con carne y quesos curados.
    auto-translated to english
    Wine very clean with low layer, carmine red with violet edges, a glass stop express firmness and body movement, fresh red fruit with fine touches of wood, vanilla with 🍋 citrus citrus background. well integrated fine tannins, some leather, long aftertaste. Bodied, eat meat and cured 🧀 cheeses cheeses.
  101. 🇺🇸 Taj

    Table wine.
  102. 🇺🇸 Josef

    One of the most nasty wine I had recently. I will use for 🍳 cooking cooking at best.
    Ouch ..... serves me right to be cheap.

    Update, after bottle was open for a day it was a tiny bit better.
    Did use most for 🍳 cooking cooking.
  103. 🇮🇹 jueranmi

    Casa TyT
    auto-translated to english
    🏠 House House TyT
  104. 🇷🇺 Alexey

    Классическое, сбалансированное вино с приятным вкусом
    auto-translated to english
    Classic, balanced wine with a pleasant taste
  105. 🇪🇸 Alejandro

    Calidad precio muy buena.
    auto-translated to english
    Value very good.
  106. 🇺🇸 Rafa

    Super Value!!
  107. 🇩🇪 BJ69

    Erstaunlich gut der Stoff.
    auto-translated to english
    Amazingly well the fabric.
  108. 🇺🇸 David

    🍒 Cherry Cherry and unripe 🍓 strawberry strawberry, slightly acidic with a mineral finish. Young but still enjoyable with BBQ on a hot summers day.
  109. 🇪🇸 Dani

    Relación calidad y precio muy buena. Acidez típica del tempranillo, equilibrio. 4€ que no engañan a nadie
    auto-translated to english
    Value and very good price. Typical acidity of tempranillo, balance. 4 € not fooling anyone
  110. 🇺🇸 Daniel

    Amazing wine. Always impresses me
  111. 🇵🇹 Ricardo

    Perfumado, boa qualidade!
    auto-translated to english
    Fragrant, good quality!
  112. 🇳🇱 Pim

    Erg zuur, weinig diepgang
    auto-translated to english
    Very acid, lack of depth
  113. 🇺🇸 Bram

    Strong tannins, letting it breathe takes the edge off. But remains pretty average still.
  114. 🇵🇹 Angelita

    Otimo preco pela qualidade do vinho, otimo em acompanhamento com uma boa carne! Recomendadissimo.
    auto-translated to english
    Great price for the quality of wine, otimo followed up with a good meat! Recomendadissimo.
  115. 🇷🇺 Юлия

    Слишком простое, твердая 3
    auto-translated to english
    Too simple, solid 3
  116. 🇺🇸 Jim

    This excellent blended wine ( Tempranillo, Gamacha, Graciana, & Mazuelo 🍇 grapes grapes) is a pleasant easy drinking fruity flavour with a lingering finish. Because it is a Crianza it is only about a year old so it is a little young and light. But sometimes you want something a little lighter. It is one of the most pleasant tasting Crianzas I have come across. This would be the perfect wine for sipping on the summer patio or for that perfect Sangria.
  117. 🇪🇸 Eduardo

    Calidad/ precio aceptable. Un vino para '' diario''
    auto-translated to english
    / Quality acceptable price. A wine to ' daily' '
  118. 🇪🇸 A

    Gran vino de supermercado
    auto-translated to english
    Great wine supermarket
  119. 🇩🇰 Andy

    Halvsød med semi-kraftig smag. Lækker uden tilhørende mad.
    auto-translated to english
    Semi-sweet with semi-strong taste. Delicious without accompanying food.
  120. 🇪🇸 Jose

    Un buen vino para acompañarlo con una buen aperitivo
    auto-translated to english
    A good wine to accompany it with a good 🍸 appetizer appetizer
  121. 🇫🇷 Gauthier

    Un classique, bon rapport qualité prix.
    auto-translated to english
    A classic, good value.
  122. 🇺🇸 Damian

    Strong 🌶️ spicy spicy and with a hint of cigar. Great with a flavourful meal.
  123. 🇳🇱 Maxtell

    Zeer goedkoop lekkere wijn!
    auto-translated to english
    Very cheap good wine!
  124. 🇺🇸 LH

    Dry table wine
  125. 🇺🇸 Peter

  126. 🇺🇸 Michael

    A very decent rioja. Not harsh at all. Smooth on the 👅 tongue tongue.
  127. 🇺🇸 Howard

    Good everyday wine. Lighter flavor than most Riojas I’ve drank. Hints of various berries and chocolate.
    Cork had sour smell but aerated wine was fine.
  128. 🇪🇸 Manuel

    No está mal. Algo ácido
    auto-translated to english
    Not bad. Something acid
  129. 🇪🇸 Juan

    Vino muy bien equilibrado. Buena relación precio-calidad. Para considerarse como un vino de diario. Maridar con alimentos muy condimentados.
    auto-translated to english
    Very well balanced wine. Good value for money. To be considered as a wine journal. Paired with 🌶️ spicy spicy foods.
  130. 🇺🇸 Mariana

    Pretty fruity and light...
  131. 🇷🇺 Ilya

    auto-translated to english
  132. 🇷🇺 Юлия

    auto-translated to english
  133. 🇺🇸 Denis

    Much better than its ranking!
  134. 🇺🇸 Alex

    Only good smell
  135. 🇵🇹 Kelen

    Ótimo vinho !
    auto-translated to english
    Great wine!
  136. 🇺🇸 Marek

    Good with lamb and rosemary.
  137. 🇺🇸 Ola

    Its ok
  138. 🇺🇸 Aaron

    I changed the oil in my Acura tonight.
  139. 🇺🇸 Roland

    Acidic with some fruity notes.
  140. 🇮🇹 Andrea

    Buon rapporto qualità prezzo
    auto-translated to english
    Good value for money
  141. 🇾🇴 Ibiti

  142. 🇺🇸 Ross

    Got better and better over the hour (s) it took to drink the two bottles ( between three)
  143. 🇪🇸 Enrique

    Un vino pro medio, con olores a madera. Cuerpo medio y algo de astringencia. Es un buen vino para el precio.
    auto-translated to english
    An average wine with smells of wood. medium body and some astringency. It is a good wine for the price.
  144. 🇳🇱 Roelio

    Basic maar lekker
    auto-translated to english
    Basic but good
  145. 🇷🇺 Михаил

  146. 🇵🇹 José

    Um ó ptimo vinho. No paladar sente se um sabor bastante frutado, baunilha, chocolate e outras diversas especiarias. Um vinho fácil de beber.
    auto-translated to english
    An optimal wine. On the palate feels a very fruity flavor, vanilla, chocolate, and other various spices. An easy wine to drink.
  147. 🇪🇸 Luis

    Básico pero se disfruta. A buen precio
    auto-translated to english
    Basic but enjoy. PRICED TO SELL
  148. 🇺🇸 Javier

    Reserve amazing!!
  149. 🇺🇸 Morgan

    Raspberry hints, medium bodied, black currants.
  150. 🇪🇸 Montse

    Lo encuentro muy fuerte
    auto-translated to english
    I find it very hard
  151. 🇪🇸 Martin

    Buen precio.
    auto-translated to english
    Good price.
  152. 🇺🇸 Sami

    Great for the price (from 🇪🇪 Estonia Estonia)
  153. 🇪🇸 Jose

    Se puede bebé
    auto-translated to english
    You can baby
  154. 🇺🇸 Chel

    Super easy drinking and smooth!
  155. 🇺🇸 Tal

    Good < strong> value strong> for < strong> money strong>. strong with great after taste
  156. 🇺🇸 Roj

    Good Rioja
  157. 🇪🇸 Andreu

    Aceptable y sencillo, pero nada especial.
    No lo recomiendo para disfrutar.
    auto-translated to english
    Acceptable and simple, but nothing special.
    I do not recommend to enjoy.
  158. 🇩🇰 Jose

    Aroma ligero sabor suave hierbas leve
    auto-translated to english
    Aroma Ligero sabor suave hierbas live
  159. 🇳🇱 Piet

    Zwaar donker en aards. Weinig fruit
    auto-translated to english
    Heavy dark and earthy. little fruit
  160. 🇺🇸 Christian

    Fruity, 🍒 cherry cherry tones, a little sweet, smooth finish. Went well with Petite Juliette cigar. The 09 was deeper and more full of body.
  161. 🇺🇸 Thijmen

    Enjoyable when you are in Alpujarra and have some 🍞 bread bread, 🧀 cheese cheese and jamon iberico. Happy times :)
  162. 🇪🇸 Saul

    Se siente una alto contenido de alcohol que se siente de inmediato en el paladar pero bueno
    auto-translated to english
    It feels high alcohol content immediately feel on the palate but good
  163. 🇩🇪 Stefan

    Preis/ Leistung absolut fair.
    Fruchtig, angenehme Tannine. Gerne wieder.
    auto-translated to english
    Price / performance ratio is absolutely fair.
    Fruity, pleasant tannins. Gladly again.
  164. 🇵🇹 Endrigo

    auto-translated to english
  165. 🇪🇸 Aracelita

    Un poco ácido. Muy joven y poco cuerpo.
    auto-translated to english
    A bit acid. Very young and little body.
  166. 🇪🇸 Juan

    auto-translated to english
  167. 🇺🇸 Joel

    Nice table wine.
  168. 🇩🇪 R

    Langweilig wenig fruchtig nachhaltige Säure
    auto-translated to english
    Boring little fruity sustainable acid
  169. 🇺🇸 Ivan

    Young wine, some oak in the aftertaste, high acidity, black berries..
  170. 🇪🇸 Iván

    Correcto Rioja, en el que destaca su sabor con tonos de frutos rojos y vainilla.
    auto-translated to english
    Right Rioja, which highlights its flavor with hints of red fruits and vanilla.
  171. 🇳🇱 Frank

    12 maanden hout en prettige goede smaak
    auto-translated to english
    12 months wood and pleasant good taste
  172. 🇪🇸 Alberto

    Rioja fácil de beber... todoterreno
    auto-translated to english
    Rioja easy drinking ... SUV
  173. 🇪🇸 Helio

    No vale, demasiado caro para lo normalito que es.
    No me gusta
    auto-translated to english
    Not worth, too expensive for what it is average.
    I do not like
  174. 🇪🇸 Superrodi

    Mejor de lo que cuesta
    auto-translated to english
    Better than it costs
  175. 🇺🇸 Tom

    Pretty standard, but good. I'd buy it again.
  176. 🇳🇱 Jo

    2,5 ster meer niet
    auto-translated to english
    2.5 star no more
  177. 🇺🇸 Grant

    Not good! Can't understand other ratings. Had with lamb, gave it time to open . It is way too tart, too light, has no oak, no body, light colour. Not worth a 3.2 average. Won't buy again. Poor example of a Rioja.
  178. 🇺🇸 Jenny

    Fruity then drish
    Really good with a meal
  179. 🇺🇸 Koen

    < strong> Quite strong> strong, which is of course natural for a Rioja, though a certain Fade is notable when tasting. A decent amount of aeration is needed to give enough power to the flavour. Sweetish sourness discernible, bitter aftertaste.
  180. 🇺🇸 Larry

    Very nice
  181. 🇺🇸 Nathan

    Very nice easy drinking wine. Def buy it again. Great if drinking multiple 👓 glasses glasses.
  182. 🇷🇺 Сергей

    Фруктовые ноты слабо выражены. Не достаточно сбалансированое вино, с явным преобладанием красных ягод, весьма высокой кислотностью и содержанием танинов. Тельность вина по ощущениям ниже характерной для вин из Темпранильо.
    auto-translated to english
    Fruity notes of mild. Not enough balance wine, with a clear predominance of red berries, very high acidity and tannins. Telnost wine feels below the typical 🍷 wines wines from Tempranillo.
  183. 🇪🇸 Mike

  184. 🇺🇸 Christian

    This is a fine Rioja. I couldn't believe the quality of the wine. It is a clean wine, easy drinking, silky smooth, and a great finish.
  185. 🇺🇸 Gustavo

    Good body. Tastes of wood. Very nice with meat dishes
  186. 🇺🇸 Omar

    First notes quite acidic, then morphs into overripe red fruits ( blackcurrant) with a bit of a funky-mouldy hint. Quite a woody backbone, with a touch of ' grainyness' somewhere in the middle. Flavours dissipate rapidly, despite the presence of tannins. Disappointing.
  187. 🇮🇸 Árni

    Cf 🦌 games games með elvari og hilmari. Gott með mat
    auto-translated to english
    Cf 🦌 games games with Elvar and Hilmar. Good with food
  188. 🇺🇸 Kaarel

    Nice easily drinkable but certainly not somethig special. There is enough flavor for 5.70€
  189. 🇨🇦 Alberto

    Bo,és pot beure
    auto-translated to english
    Well, you can drink
  190. 🇷🇺 Alexey

    Для тяжкой питерской весны хорошее воспоминание о солнечной Испании...
    auto-translated to english
    For heavy spring St. Petersburg good memories of sunny 🇪🇸 Spain Spain ...
  191. 🇺🇸 Tiina

    Smooth, with dark berries. Goes easy with 🧀 cheeses cheeses.
  192. 🇷🇺 Ruslan

    Что то в нем не хватает...
    auto-translated to english
    What then it is not enough ...
  193. 🇺🇸 Jose

  194. 🇷🇺 Dmitry

    Приятная вещицв
    auto-translated to english
    nice veschitsv
  195. 🇮🇼 Ran

    3,5-4 יין קל עד בינוני, נעים וחלק בשתיה, עם גוף ונוכחות בפה, ארומטי בהחלט טעים ונעים: תמורה טובה מאד למחיר 50 שח.
    auto-translated to english
    3,5-4 wine mild to moderate, pleasant and some drink, with a body and presence in the 👄 mouth mouth, aromatic absolutely delicious and pleasant: very good value price of 50 shekels.
  196. 🇪🇸 JAVILUISI

    Buen sabor
    auto-translated to english
    Good taste
  197. 🇪🇸 Bixente

    Con embutidos mejor
    auto-translated to english
    Best cold cuts
  198. 🇺🇸 Serge

    10 out of 5 ⭐ stars stars!
  199. 🇷🇺 Анна

    Удивительная кислятина!!!!
    auto-translated to english
    Amazing sour !!!!
  200. 🇪🇸 Mariel

    Muy bueno con todo
    auto-translated to english
    Very good with all
  201. 🇪🇸 Tavo

    Buen vino de mesa, con notas frutales y un sabor corto pero agradable
    auto-translated to english
    Good table wine, with fruity notes and a short but pleasant taste
  202. 🇳🇱 Tijmen

    Vanille, wel wat licht. Slobberwijntje idd.
    auto-translated to english
    Vanilla, some light. Slobberwijntje Idd.
  203. 🇺🇸 Alex

    Too many Tannons
  204. 🇳🇱 José

    Heerlijk fruitig.
    auto-translated to english
    Delicious fruity.
  205. 🇳🇱 Chris

    Ideaal bij BBQ
    auto-translated to english
    Ideal for BBQ
  206. 🇺🇸 Marilyn

    May have been corked.
    ..poor wine... threw it out
  207. 🇪🇸 Gabriel

    Sin pretensiones, Madera y fruta, cumplidor.
    auto-translated to english
    Unpretentious, Wood and fruit achiever.
  208. 🇪🇸 Rocio

    Se arranca al acido pero queda buen sabor y sensacion.
    auto-translated to english
    It starts to acid but is good taste and sensation.
  209. 🇪🇸 Vy

    Balanceado, roble, bueno para maridar un jamón ibérico
    auto-translated to english
    Balanced, oak, good for maridar Iberian ham
  210. 🇪🇸 Joe

    Seco frutal muy rico con un tomahawk
    auto-translated to english
    rich fruit dry with a tomahawk
  211. 🇺🇸 Adam

    A little 🌶️ spicy spicy/ peppery. Smells sour/ acidic but tastes more earthy than you'd expect. Very good overall.
  212. 🇷🇺 Whawk

    Ровное без изысков. Немного кисленькое. Терпкость почти не чувствуется. Запах немного странный. Всё таки сухие вина видимо не моё.
    auto-translated to english
    Smooth with no frills. A little sour. Astringency is almost not felt. Smell a bit strange. All the same, dry 🍷 wines wines probably not mine.
  213. 🇺🇸 J

    A good wine, easy to drink
  214. 🇪🇸 Yeray

    Sinceramente un vino del montón montón !!!
    auto-translated to english
    Wine honestly a lot lot !!!
  215. 🇺🇸 Evgeny

    Not good ,but simple evening vine ...
  216. 🇪🇸 Juan

    Buen precio
    auto-translated to english
    Good price
  217. 🇪🇸 Júlia

    Aromas rojos con vainilla, color rubi. Saboroso
    auto-translated to english
    Red aromas with vanilla, ruby ​​ color. Saboroso
  218. 🇩🇰 Liss

    auto-translated to english
  219. 🇺🇸 Lucie

    < strong> Really strong> good, < strong> tasty strong>, strong, perfect
  220. 🇺🇸 Warren

    🍒 Cherry Cherry and 🍓 strawberries strawberries light and bright. Very short finish not particularly what I would be expecting from a Rioja, but good for lighter meals like 🍝 spaghetti spaghetti.
  221. 🇺🇸 Hector

    suave medio dulzon.. agradable
  222. 🇪🇸 Pat

    Precio-calidad. Aceptable, es un buen vino para beber solo, no pide comida. Las características son típicas de sus uvas.
    auto-translated to english
    Price-quality. Acceptable, is a good wine to drink alone, does not ask for food. The characteristics are typical of 🍇 grapes grapes.
  223. 🇪🇸 Joaquin

    Para tomarlo a diario está fenomenal. Mejor un poco frío
    auto-translated to english
    To take it on a daily basis is phenomenal. Better a little cold
  224. 🇯🇵 ichi

    auto-translated to english
    Price Nari.
  225. 🇷🇺 Сергей

    Не плохое :)))
    auto-translated to english
    Not bad :)))
  226. 🇪🇸 Zumy

    Un delicioso vino en el que se perciben tabaco, madera seca, corcho y unos toques de frutos rojos.
    auto-translated to english
    A delicious wine in which snuff, dry wood, cork and touches of red fruits are perceived.
  227. 🇪🇸 MANUEL

    auto-translated to english
  228. 🇩🇪 M

    Trockener flacher Rotwein mit ausgeprägter Taninstruktur am Ende. Vlt etwas zu ausgeprägt und zu künstlich wirkend. Preis- Leistung aber noch in Ordnung. Unbedingt atmen lassen.
    auto-translated to english
    Dry flat red wine with pronounced tannic structure at the end. Vlt something distinct and artificial effect to. Price performance but still OK. can breathe absolutely.
  229. 🇺🇸 Ashley

    Interesting lighter coloured red wine, but still full of flavour and real nice finish on the palate. My fiance thought it would be nice to pair with a '' charcuterie'' board, or as I refer to it, ''a bunch of delicious cured meats and some 🧀 cheese cheese tossed on a cutting board''. I'm not fancy, but I would do that again.
  230. 🇺🇸 Olga

    Very simple
  231. 🇪🇸 Joel

    Decente. No es un vino para recordar.
    auto-translated to english
    Decent. Not a wine to remember.
  232. 🇪🇸 Aleix

    Me ha recordado a un Cune. Muy buen vino! Recomendado.
    auto-translated to english
    It reminded me a Cune. Very good wine! Recommended.
  233. 🇪🇸 Fernando

    Correcto para el precio
    auto-translated to english
    Right for the price
  234. 🇳🇱 Paul

    Beetje laffe smaak. Weinig na smaak. Wel zachte wijn.
    auto-translated to english
    Little 🐔 chicken chicken flavor. Little aftertaste. However, soft wine.
  235. 🇪🇸 Vivino

    Esta bien de precio, pero por el mismo dinero creo que hay opciones mejores
    auto-translated to english
    This well priced, but for the same money I think there are better choices
  236. 🇯🇵 友子

    auto-translated to english
    Usually delicious and easy to drink
  237. 🇺🇸 R

    Great value, more elegant than I was expecting for the price.
  238. 🇺🇸 Jen

    Awful. Like a shit Ribena
  239. 🇺🇸 J.

  240. 🇪🇸 Jorge

    Muy bueno
    auto-translated to english
    Very good
  241. 🇩🇪 Frank

    Fruchtig aber trocken mit leichten Taninen.
    auto-translated to english
    Fruity but dry with light tannins.
  242. 🇸🇷 Ara

    ОК, за свои 330руб
    auto-translated to english
    OK, for svoi 330rub
  243. 🇪🇸 Simón

    Suave, afrutado, con ligero sabor a vainilla , correcto
    auto-translated to english
    Soft, fruity, light vanilla, right
  244. 🇪🇸 Makicoz

    Cuerpo medio, frutado con aroma fuerte y excelente sabor
    auto-translated to english
    < strong> medium strong>, < strong> fruity strong> body with strong aroma and excellent flavor
  245. 🇪🇸 LUI

    auto-translated to english
  246. 🇪🇸 Arturo

    Está regular, me gusta.
    auto-translated to english
    It is fair, I like it.
  247. 🇪🇸 Jesus

    Calidad precio razonable, vino para comer a diario
    auto-translated to english
    Quality reasonably priced wine to eat daily
  248. 🇩🇰 Daniel

    En god vin til prisen kan anbefales til en god bøf
    auto-translated to english
    A good wine for the price recommended for a good steak
  249. 🇪🇸 Jm

    auto-translated to english
  250. 🇵🇹 Marcelo

    Seco, frutas vermelhas silvestres. Excelente acompanhamento pra tapas.
    auto-translated to english
    Dry, wild berries. Excellent accompaniment to tapas.
  251. 🇪🇸 Eduardo

  252. 🇪🇸 Joel

    auto-translated to english
  253. 🇪🇸 Joaquin

    Buen precio
    auto-translated to english
    Good price
  254. 🇪🇸 Ruben

    Me ha parecido un vino bastante equilibrado en boca y con un final a madera, me ha sorprendido su aroma en nariz
    auto-translated to english
    I thought it was a fairly balanced wine on the palate and a finish to wood, I was surprised aroma on the nose
  255. 🇳🇴 Karl

    Fin golfrunde avsluttet med god mat og god vin. I morgen blir det angivelig den beste banen i nær omkrets, Pinto do Vale
    auto-translated to english
    Nice golf round ended with good food and good wine. Tomorrow will be reportedly the best path in the near perimeter, Pinto do Vale
  256. 🇺🇸 Pavel

    After open and no long stand, start yeast smell.
  257. 🇺🇸 Dori

  258. 🇺🇸 Shannon

    This has good schmeck and doesn’t kick you with heavy lingering tastes. Light. I’m liking the price point. This wine and me, we could be friends.
  259. 🇪🇸 Pavel

    Con queso exelente
    auto-translated to english
    With excellent 🧀 cheese cheese
  260. 🇺🇸 Jhonatan

    Good for the price, really woody.
  261. 🇺🇸 Gilliane

    Garnet, dark fruit, sightly vegetal
  262. 🇪🇸 Guillermo

    Rico aroma falta cuerpo
    auto-translated to english
    Rich aroma missing body
  263. 🇪🇸 Gustavo

    Buen precio
    auto-translated to english
    Good price
  264. 🇺🇸 Jon

    Drinkable wednesday wine
  265. 🇺🇸 Floris

    For only 3 € its not bad at all !!:)
  266. 🇳🇱 Luc

    Lekker rood wijntje.
    auto-translated to english
    Tasty red wine.
  267. 🇺🇸 Lil

    Very nice middle or the road wine. Not to dry
  268. 🇳🇴 Tommy

    meget bra lett vin
    auto-translated to english
    very good light wine
  269. 🇺🇸 Thomas

    Not too dry, flavorful wine.
  270. 🇫🇷 Jean-Pierre

    Léger, fruité, agréable
    auto-translated to english
    Light, fruity, pleasant
  271. 🇷🇺 Andrey

    Неплохое вино, учитывая цену по акции
    auto-translated to english
    Not a bad wine, considering the price of the shares
  272. 🇺🇸 Klaasjan

    Matches well with the home prepared 🌶️ spicy spicy meat!
  273. 🇪🇸 Javier

    Seco, taninos, color, cuerpo agradables
    auto-translated to english
    Dry tannins, color, nice body
  274. 🇺🇸 Emils

    S lightly sweet, light taste
  275. 🇷🇺 Nataly

    Терпкое, насыщенное вино
    auto-translated to english
    Tart, full-bodied wine
  276. 🇺🇸 Þorvaldur

  277. 🇳🇱 Tessa

    Erg lekker maar wel fris gedronken
    auto-translated to english
    Very tasty but fresh drinking
  278. 🇳🇱 Martha

    Lekker drinken. Vlotte slobber
    auto-translated to english
    To have a nice drink. smooth slobber
  279. 🇺🇸 Natasha

    Ground flavors, red fruits. Great with steak
  280. 🇪🇸 Hermann

    Buen vino a buen precio.
    auto-translated to english
    Good wine at a good price.
  281. 🇵🇹 Martin

    A frutado, excelente
    auto-translated to english
    The fruity, excellent
  282. 🇪🇸 Marcela

    En nariz aromas a cereza y algo de especies. En boca de entrada suave, se percibe la fruta, un ligero toque de acidez. Suaves taninos y de persistencia media. Fácil de beber
    auto-translated to english
    Nose aromas of 🍒 cherry cherry and some species. Soft entry in 👄 mouth mouth, fruit, a hint of acidity is perceived. Soft tannins and medium persistence. Easy to drink
  283. 🇪🇸 Bren

    Buen color, sabor ligero y agradable.
    auto-translated to english
    Good color, light and pleasant taste.
  284. 🇺🇸 Kevin

    Won't try again
  285. 🇺🇸 Pétur

    Good with dear meet
  286. 🇺🇸 Peter

    Good value
  287. 🇺🇸 Max

    Smoth little acid at the end
  288. 🇪🇸 Juan

    Buen vino, no muy fuerte y de buen paladar
    auto-translated to english
    Good wine, not very strong and good taste
  289. 🇪🇸 Carlos

    Vino suave muy buen sabor en el paladar
    auto-translated to english
    smooth wine very good taste on the palate
  290. 🇪🇸 David

    Se deja beber, un poco acido en boca.
    auto-translated to english
    Allowed to drink, slightly acidic aftertaste.
  291. 🇪🇸 Sã

    Muy buena opción frutos rojos maduros
    auto-translated to english
    Very good choice ripe red fruits
  292. 🇳🇱 RobinVR

    Fruitig licht lekker
    auto-translated to english
    Fruity light tasty
  293. 🇬🇧 Alexander

    auto-translated to english
  294. 🇺🇸 Lali

    Fruity. goes well with 🍅 tomato tomato and 🍝 pasta pasta dishes. Value for money.
  295. 🇺🇸 Troy

    Fruity , flavourful, smooth finish, delicious with friends, 👪 family family, and a good time!!
  296. 🇺🇸 Richard

    Reliable. Good value for money.
  297. 🇺🇸 Marta

    Very pleasant rioja.... Leaves a nice fruity taste...
  298. 🇪🇸 Andres

    Buen sabor afrutado no seco pocos taninos
    auto-translated to english
    Good not dry fruitiness few tannins
  299. 🇺🇸 Rita

    Fruity and good value
  300. 🇺🇸 Tanya

    Worth buying again.
  301. 🇪🇸 Robert

    Ligero de cuerpo con buen sabor en boca y magnífico precio
    auto-translated to english
    Light body with good mouthfeel and great price
  302. 🇺🇸 Paul

    Plummy fruits, very drinkable and cheap from 🇪🇸 Spanish Spanish supermarket
  303. 🇺🇸 Scott

    Fruity and dry. Good rioja
  304. 🇪🇸 Eduardo

    No me gusta nada
    auto-translated to english
    I do not like
  305. 🇪🇸 BelenVilla

    El preferido
    auto-translated to english
    The preferred one
  306. 🇪🇸 Salvador

    Buen balance, un poco de astringencia.
    auto-translated to english
    Good balance, a little astringency.
  307. 🇪🇸 Miguel

    Excelentes tonos
    auto-translated to english
    excellent tones
  308. 🇺🇸 Mathew

    Light, slightly sour
  309. 🇮🇹 Giancarlo

    Penso che il prezzo medio segnalato sia errato.
    È un ottimo vino e io l’ho pagato al supermarket 7 €
    auto-translated to english
    I think the average price reported is wrong.
    It's a great wine and I paid at the supermarket 7 €
  310. 🇪🇸 Jose

    Algo de sabor amargo
    auto-translated to english
    Some bitter taste
  311. 🇪🇸 Aldo

    Precio/ calidad insuperable
    auto-translated to english
    Price / quality insuperable
  312. 🇳🇱 Antoine

    Niet lekker zure afdronk
    auto-translated to english
    Not tasty sour aftertaste
  313. 🇺🇸 Davidn

  314. 🇪🇸 Ing

    Muy rico para su precio, el sabor a barrica de reconocer 👌🏽
    auto-translated to english
    Rich for its price, taste to recognize barrels 👌🏽
  315. 🇺🇸 Sujarit

    Light, decent nose. About right for the price.
  316. 🇳🇱 Ilse

    Zeer lekker en makkelijk drinkbaar , bij het eten of gewoon om te genieten .
    auto-translated to english
    Very tasty and easy to drink, with food or just to enjoy.
  317. 🇪🇸 Libardo

    Excelente sabor, muy equilibrado
    auto-translated to english
    Excellent taste, well balanced
  318. 🇷🇺 Гедеон

    просто кислое, всё.
    auto-translated to english
    just sour, everything.
  319. 🇪🇸 Michelle

    Muy suave, en extremo sabor a madera. No muy astringente.
    auto-translated to english
    Very smooth, extremely woody flavor. Not very astringent.
  320. 🇮🇩 Iago

    Vino normal para su precio. No destaca para bien ni para mal.
    auto-translated to english
    Normal vino para su precio. No ni bien destaca of the mall.
  321. 🇷🇺 Alexey

    Хорошее, стабильное вино
    auto-translated to english
    Good, stable wine
  322. 🇺🇸 Nicholas

    Strong fruity taste.
  323. 🇺🇸 Seka

    Dry, tart
  324. 🇪🇸 Rafael

    Suave y rico excelente elección calidad y precio
    auto-translated to english
    Smooth and rich excellent choice quality and price
  325. 🇺🇸 Jaunius

    nice one
  326. 🇺🇸 Eugenio

    Good mix of 4 🍷 wines wines: Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano y Mazuelo!!!!!
  327. 🇺🇸 Nick

    Very pleasant slightly berryish
  328. 🇪🇸 Alex

    Vale lo que cuesta. No ácido. Sabor amaderado.
    auto-translated to english
    Worth the money. Nonacidic. woodsy flavor.
  329. 🇺🇸 Daniel

    Dry, good value
  330. 🇳🇴 Bjarte

    God til prisen. Lett og fruktig.
    auto-translated to english
    Good for the price. Light and fruity.
  331. 🇺🇸 Brownton

    Smooth and great value
  332. 🇺🇸 Brian

    Smooth flavorful dry table wine. Great value.
  333. 🇪🇸 Roberto

    Fragante, notas de madera, acidez al comienzo, buen cuerpo
    auto-translated to english
    Fragrant, woody notes, acidity at the start, good body
  334. 🇺🇸 David

    Amazing value. Silky, rich fruit and great finish.
  335. 🇺🇸 Joel

    Very balanced and enjoyable. Great value.
  336. 🇪🇸 Antonio

    Para su precio es un vino muy bueno, suave y con un toque al final que me gusta. No se mucho de vinos que este es uno de los que me puedo permitir que me encantan
    auto-translated to english
    For its price it is very good, soft and with a twist at the end that I like wine. Not much wine but .... I am that this is one of those who can afford me that I love
  337. 🇺🇸 TV

    Very good for a budget vine. Rich enough main taste, creamy after taste.
  338. 🇳🇱 jack

    Prima wijn voor een goede prijs
    Licht van smaak fruitig beetje
    Zuurtje en wat snoepjes rang
    auto-translated to english
    Fine wine for a good price
    Light fruity flavor little
    acidity and some sweets grade
  339. 🇧🇸 Rafael

    auto-translated to english
  340. 🇳🇱 Jan

    Lekkere, tintelende, fruitige wijn met heerlijke nasmaak.
    auto-translated to english
    Tasty, crisp, fruity wine with delicious aftertaste.
  341. 🇫🇮🇱 David

    Nice Tinto
    auto-translated to english
    nice Tinto
  342. 🇪🇸 Tomas

    Muy bueno
    auto-translated to english
    Very good
  343. 🇺🇸 Denis

    Good value
  344. 🇳🇱 Cees

    Fruitig klein prijsje voor een leuke wijn
    auto-translated to english
    Fruity small price for a nice wine
  345. 🇺🇸 Arturo

    A nice wine for daily enjoyment
  346. 🇷🇺 Oleksandr

    Деликатное в аромате, с нотками специй, ванили. Долгое, приятное послевкусие. С ломо и хамоном остановиться невозможно.
    auto-translated to english
    Delicate in flavor, with notes of spices, vanilla. A long, pleasant aftertaste. With jamon lomo and can not be stopped.
  347. 🇪🇸 Raul

    Un vino correcto. Sin dar mas de lo esperado. Buena calidad / precio.
    auto-translated to english
    Correct wine. Without giving more than expected. Good quality / price.
  348. 🇵🇹 Valdez

    Saboroso frutado, com um toque suave.
    auto-translated to english
    Tasty fruity, with a soft touch.
  349. 🇺🇸 Brian

    Neutral. Smooth but bland finish. A generic red.
  350. 🇺🇸 Gabriel

    < strong> Alcohol strong> < strong> taste strong> too strong
  351. 🇺🇸 Steven

    Fruity and easy
  352. 🇺🇸 Werner

  353. 🇩🇪 Markus

    Fruchtig nicht zu trocken, mild
    auto-translated to english
    Fruity not too dry, mild
  354. 🇩🇪 Juerg

    Fruchtig, hat etwas viel Säure. Flasche unbedingt rechtzeitig ö ffnen.
    auto-translated to english
    Fruity, has something much acid. Unconditionally release cylinder in good time.
  355. 🇪🇸 Eric

    Muy bueno para el precio
    auto-translated to english
    very good for the price
  356. 🇸🇻 Ulf

    Toppen för 5€.
    auto-translated to english
    The top 5 €.
  357. 🇪🇸 Rober

    auto-translated to english
  358. 🇩🇪 Justus

    Gut zum Schlucken
    auto-translated to english
    Good to swallow
  359. 🇺🇸 Vivino

    Drinkable fruity good value
  360. 🇺🇸 Georgi

    Great wine !
  361. 🇪🇸 Rgc

    auto-translated to english
  362. 🇪🇸 Diego

    Muy buen vino
    auto-translated to english
    Very good wine
  363. 🇺🇸 Dustin

    Very drinkable, thick Red. Nice 🍒 cherry cherry finish. Good value
  364. 🇪🇸 Ricardo

    económico con aroma liguero agradable un poco seco y buen sabor nada sorprendente, pero recomendable.
    auto-translated to english
    economic garter belt with a little dry smell nice and good taste unsurprising, but recommended.
  365. 🇺🇸 Beerisbetter

    Average Rioja. For daily use not better or worth than other Riojas in the same price range. Pretty light for a Rioja.
  366. 🇺🇸 Michael

    Dry, but a value wine.
  367. 🇷🇺 Denis

    Классика, сдержанное и сбалансированное. Хочется купить еще
    auto-translated to english
    Classic, restrained and balanced. I want to buy more
  368. 🇩🇪 Sascha

    Nicht empfehlenswert.
    auto-translated to english
    Not recommended.
  369. 🇩🇰 Thorsten

  370. 🇺🇸 Ian

  371. 🇳🇱 Peter

    Kruidig redelijk vol. Prijs kwaliteit is super
    auto-translated to english
    🌶️ Spicy Spicy fairly full. Price quality is super
  372. 🇪🇸 Guillermo

    Suave , seco con buena combinación de sabores , café y chocolate, sensación al final sensación de añejamiento en maderas, bueno en maridajes con carnes, al olfato fruto rojos y pimienta
    auto-translated to english
    Soft, dry with good combination of flavors, coffee and chocolate, feeling at the end feeling of aging in wood, good pairings with meat, smell red fruit and pepper
  373. 🇺🇸 Paul

    Easy drinking wine. Not too heavy
  374. 🇺🇸 Diederik

    Picked it up at the Eroski and the gamble paid off
  375. 🇪🇸 Toni

    Buen vino a buen precio
    auto-translated to english
    Good wine at a good price
  376. 🇺🇸 Ray

    Nice soft and fruity, nice touch of oak
  377. 🇺🇸 Pedro

  378. 🇪🇸 Natalia

    auto-translated to english
  379. 🇪🇸 Omar

    Bueno a secas.
    auto-translated to english
    Good to dry.
  380. 🇪🇸 Mario

    Descartado. Para casera
    auto-translated to english
    Discarded. for home
  381. 🇺🇸 Þorbjörg

  382. 🇺🇸 Yulia

  383. 🇪🇸 Salvador

    Buen vino a un excelente precio
    auto-translated to english
    Good wine at a great price
  384. 🇪🇸 Rafael

    Buen precio
    auto-translated to english
    Good price
  385. 🇪🇸 Leandro

    Un poco seco pero suave
    auto-translated to english
    A little dry but soft
  386. 🇪🇸 Ramón

    Seco, se siente el alcohol al paladar, pero es agradable, además de un buen precio
    auto-translated to english
    Dry feel alcohol on the palate, but it's nice, and a good price
  387. 🇪🇸 Alfonso

    2,99 en Alcampo
    auto-translated to english
    At Alcampo 2.99
  388. 🇳🇱 Kevin

    lekker, fruitig
    auto-translated to english
    tasty, fruity
  389. 🇪🇸 Johnny

    Excelente vino. Cata en boca suave tonos a mora ciruela. Ideal para acompañar quesos maduros y carnes asadas. Buen precio / calidad. Dejar reposar al menos 1 hora.
    auto-translated to english
    Excellent wine. Flavor soft tones of blackberry plum. Ideal with mature 🧀 cheeses cheeses and grilled meats. Good price / quality. Let stand at least 1 hour.
  390. 🇺🇸 Joe

    Gift from Donnie. Smooth.
  391. 🇺🇸 Dana

    Really light and tasty.
  392. 🇵🇹 Paulo

    Leve, dentro do preco é boa escolha.
    auto-translated to english
    Light, within the price is good choice.
  393. 🇺🇸 Mónica

  394. 🇮🇩 Jose

    Bueno para uso diarip
    auto-translated to english
    Bueno para uso diarip
  395. 🇺🇸 Grant

    Bold smooth full bodied...good
  396. 🇪🇸 Guillermo

    Buen color, se agarra bien en la copa, sabor suave afrutado, fácil de tragar, final corto, buen vino para el diario y por el precio
    auto-translated to english
    Good color, grips well in the cup, smooth taste fruity, easy to swallow, short finish, good wine for everyday and for the price
  397. 🇮🇹 Sergio

    Fruttato, buon rapporto qualità prezzo.
    auto-translated to english
    Fruity, good value for money.
  398. 🇪🇸 Besai

    Afrutado de gran facilidad al paladar. Sabor intenso pero a la vez suave
    auto-translated to english
    Ease fruity on the palate. intense yet mild flavor
  399. 🇪🇸 Gerardo

    Sabor a madera, frutado y fresco, bueno para carnes condimentadas
    auto-translated to english
    Woody flavor, fruity and fresh, good for seasoned meat
  400. 🇪🇸 Adrian

    calidad precio..
    auto-translated to english
    price quality..
  401. 🇺🇸 Alejandro

    Agradable, frutal, sencillo.
  402. 🇪🇸 Jose

    muy buen acompañante en aperitivo muy suave en paladar
    auto-translated to english
    very good accompaniment 🍸 appetizer appetizer very soft palate
  403. 🇪🇸 Alberto

    Sabor agradable, se deja beber
    auto-translated to english
    palatability, allowed to drink
  404. 🇺🇸 Niklas

  405. 🇺🇸 Mrs

    Lovely easy drinking wine! Surprised by the low star rating, not sure it's very accurate. Deserves a better rating in my opinion. Definitely be looking out for this wine again.
  406. 🇪🇸 Antonio

    Bien en precio-calidad
    auto-translated to english
    Either for money
  407. 🇪🇸 Shaul

    Fuerte y profundo
    auto-translated to english
    Strong and deep
  408. 🇪🇸 G

    Excelente vino y excelente precio 90 pesos mexicanos sams
    auto-translated to english
    Great wine and excellent price 90 pesos sams
  409. 🇵🇹 José

    E bomzinho
    auto-translated to english
    And bomzinho
  410. 🇪🇸 Jorge

    La cálida precio está bien
    auto-translated to english
    Warm price is right
  411. 🇪🇸 Irving

    Buen precio
    auto-translated to english
    Good price
  412. 🇺🇸 Алексей

    No bad
  413. 🇪🇸 Jesus

    Buen precio, nada sorprendente
    auto-translated to english
    Good price, unsurprising
  414. 🇪🇸 Luis

    Seco, sabor a madera, buen color y cuerpo excelente precio!!!
    auto-translated to english
    Dry wood flavor, good color and excellent body price !!!
  415. 🇪🇸 Carlos

    A frutado, fresco abundante en la boca, perfecto para carnes saladas
    auto-translated to english
    A fruity, rich fresh in the 👄 mouth mouth, perfect for salted meats
  416. 🇺🇸 Серж

    For $4 - good rioja crianza.
  417. 🇪🇸 Marc

    Este vino pasa suave y tiene un sabor agradable
    auto-translated to english
    This wine is soft and has a pleasant taste
  418. 🇪🇸 Itxaso

    Muy bueno calidad-precio
    auto-translated to english
    Very good value
  419. 🇫🇷 Julio

    auto-translated to english
  420. 🇳🇱 Wilma

    Niet zo lekker
    auto-translated to english
    Not so tasty
  421. 🇪🇸 El

    Munchi que desear
    auto-translated to english
    Munchi be desired
  422. 🇪🇸 Francisco

    Buen precio
    auto-translated to english
    Good price
  423. 🇺🇸 Rod

    Very good value
  424. 🇪🇸 Mack

    auto-translated to english
  425. 🇳🇱 Lee

    Fruitig... zacht zoete nasmaak! Top!
    auto-translated to english
    ... soft fruity sweet aftertaste! Top!
  426. 🇪🇸 Francisco

    auto-translated to english
  427. 🇪🇸 Alexis

    Rico rico
    auto-translated to english
    tasty tasty
  428. 🇪🇸 Victor

    auto-translated to english
  429. 🇪🇸 Enrike

    Hanl cambiado la botella, el vino también es más ácido ahora, y han bajado el precio lo he comprado a 3,19€ y voy a devolverlo
    auto-translated to english
    Hanl changed the bottle, the wine is also more acidic now, and have lowered the price I bought it at 3,19 € and will return
  430. 🇺🇸 Benoit

    Léger apero nickel
  431. 🇪🇸 Francisco

    Buena relación calidad/ precio
    auto-translated to english
    Good value for money
  432. 🇪🇸 Josep

    No está mal para una noche con amigos, y un paladar poco sofisticado
    auto-translated to english
    Not bad for a night with friends, and some sophisticated palate
  433. 🇺🇸 Juan

  434. 🇵🇹 Cmonteiro

    Frutado, amadeirado.
    auto-translated to english
    Fruity, woody.
  435. 🇳🇳 Andrea

    Lett og fruktig
    auto-translated to english
    # VALUE!
  436. 🇪🇸 Pepito

    Afrutado, suave, fresco y a un muy buen precio
    auto-translated to english
    Fruity, soft, fresh and at a very good price
  437. 🇪🇸 Gustavo

    Lijeto afrutado y buen cuerpo, y un buen precio.
    auto-translated to english
    Lijeto fruity and good body and a good price.
  438. 🇪🇸 Chema

    Aquí tomándolo con sylvi, y nos gusta
    auto-translated to english
    Taking with sylvi here, and we like
  439. 🇪🇸 Roberto

    Afrutado,buen vino
    auto-translated to english
    Fruity, good wine
  440. 🇷🇺 Екатерина

    Отличное вино!
    auto-translated to english
    Excellent wine!
  441. 🇺🇸 Elin

  442. 🇺🇸 Jan

    Very nice wine. One of the better Riojas in my opinion
  443. 🇪🇸 Joaquin

    Muy normal,se puede beber y ya está
    auto-translated to english
    Very average, you can drink and that's it
  444. 🇪🇸 Abraham

    auto-translated to english
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