Cascina Zerbetta 2014 Organic red Wine

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Barbera del Monferrato



Good with

Pasta, Veal, Pork, Game, Deer, Venison, Poultry, Red Meats


Cascina Zerbetta

  1. 🇺🇸 DRHelter

    This wine had slight tobacco and leather nose. It has rich red fruit taste and a very smooth finish.
  2. 🇮🇹 Antonio

    una barbera che soddisfa
    auto-translated to english
    a barbera that satisfies
  3. 🇯🇵 Hassan

    auto-translated to english
    Acid is strong, fruit. Easy to drink
  4. 🇺🇸 Io

    Black and sour 🍒 cherry cherry, Brett, and gingerbread on the nose with some dry minerality and notes of leafy branches or forest floor. Very similar on the palette but with a fruit punch/🍋 citric citric acid component on the mid palate. Finish is a little 🌶️ spicy spicy, sour, and yeasty.
  5. 🇺🇸 Agnes

  6. 🇳🇱 Marco

    Heerlijke zachte vinno rosso ,-)
    auto-translated to english
    Lovely soft vinno Rosso, -)
  7. 🇺🇸 Geert

    Although I'm not a real fan of barbera in general, this one was of especially poor taste. Plain taste with an after taste of tannins.
  8. 🇫🇷 Nova

    Super caractère
    auto-translated to english
    great character
  9. 🇮🇹 Veronica

    Salt resto
    auto-translated to english
    Salt rest
  10. 🇺🇸 Katherine

    Tastes like 🐌 snail snail scum
  11. 🇫🇷 Sarah

    Bonne qualité
    auto-translated to english
    Good quality
  12. 🇺🇸 Seb

    Nice and fruity good with meat
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