J.L. Colombo – Amour de Dieu 2013

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Robe: A golden yellow colour.
Nose: A beautifully complex nose, full of aromas of apricots, and soft spices accompanied by a light touch of vanilla.
Palate: The mouth is rich and powerful, fatty and aromatic with a long and elegant finish. The vinification in oak is finely mastered and enhances the delicacy of the wine.
In spite of the intensity it stays surprisingly fresh and offers a perfect balance of sugar, acidity and alcohol. The finish is long and superb without furring up the mouth.









Good with

Pork, Rich fish, Salmon, Tuna, Mature and hard cheese, Poultry, Cured Meat, Red Meats, White Meats


Jean-Luc Colombo

  1. 🇪🇸 Rafael

    Blanco con tonos dorados, miel, peras, mantequilla dulce, seco, untuoso, laaargoo muy largo, Condrieu haciendo de las suyas
    auto-translated to english
    White with golden tones, honey, 🍐 pears pears, sweet, dry, unctuous butter, laaargoo very long, Condrieu making mischief
  2. 🇵🇹 Bruno

    Ótimo Condrieu !
    Cor dourada.
    No nariz intenso e complexo mostrando manteiga derretida, madeira , carne defumada , cedro , Damasco , gengibre.
    Na boca corpo e acidez médias, menos intenso que no nariz.
    Vinho sóbrio , bem marcado pela Madeira e complexo.
    Final médio +.
    auto-translated to english
    Great Condrieu
    Golden color.
    In the intense and complex nose showing melted butter, wood, smoked meat, cedar, apricot, ginger.
    In the 👄 mouth mouth body and medium acidity, less intense than in the nose.
    sober wine and characterized by Wood and complex.
    Final + average.
  3. 🇵🇹 Ellen

    Treino WSET3.
    Aspecto límpido, dourado de intensidade pálida. No nariz é limpo, de intensidade média/+ com predomínio de pêssego maduro, abacaxi, verniz, mel, gengibre, camomila e lírios do campo, já em evolução. Na boca é seco, de corpo médio, intensidade média, á lcool alto, acidez média e predomina a nectarina, lírios, casca de laranja cristalizada e mel. Final longo, excelente qualidade e com algum potencial de guarda.
    auto-translated to english
    WSET3 workout.
    Appearance clear, golden pale intensity. On the nose is clean, medium / + with ripe 🍑 peach peach predominance of intensity, 🍍 pineapple pineapple, varnish, honey, ginger, chamomile and lilies of the field, already in progress. In the 👄 mouth mouth is dry, medium-bodied, medium intensity, high alcohol, and medium acidity predominates nectarine, lilies, orange peel and crystallized honey. long finish, excellent quality and with some aging potential.
  4. 🇫🇷 Marc

    Fleurs blanches, Violette et miel, beurré, très aromatique, aux notes tropicales sur un fond de pêche. avec belle structure.
    auto-translated to english
    White flowers, Violet and honey, butter, very aromatic, with tropical notes on a fishing ground. with good structure.
  5. 🇪🇸 Nicolás

    Limpio, palido, amarillo limón. En nariz intensidad media, aromas a durazno, piña, crema de vainilla, coco ahumado, se encuentra algo evolucionado. En boca es seco, de acidez y alcohol medio, cuerpo e intensidad de sabor media, durazno, piña, crema de vainilla, caramelo, madera tostada. Final medio.
    auto-translated to english
    Clean pale 🍋 lemon lemon yellow. Nose: medium intensity, aromas of 🍑 peach peach, 🍍 pineapple pineapple, vanilla cream, smoked 🥥 coconut coconut, is something evolved. The palate is dry, medium acidity and alcohol, average body and intensity of flavor, 🍑 peach peach, 🍍 pineapple pineapple, vanilla cream, caramel, toasted wood. Final half.
  6. 🇺🇸 Charles

    Nose: elder flowers, 🍋 lemon lemon juice, , 🥥 coconut coconut, mirliton, green 🍏 apple apple,

    Palate: green onion, sweet green 🍏 apple apple, 🍑 peach peach, creamy 🍋 lemon lemon,
  7. 🇫🇷 Valentin

    Une excellente découverte ! Un nez fermé au début, il se développe au bout de 15 min. En bouche c’est une explosion d’arôme. Floral ( violette), fruits blancs (pêche blanche, cerise blanche). Une merveilleuse découverte !
    auto-translated to english
    A great discovery! A closed nose at first, it develops after 15 min. In the 👄 mouth mouth it is a flavor explosion. Floral ( violet), white fruit ( white 🍑 peach peach, white 🍒 cherry cherry). A wonderful find!
  8. 🇺🇸 Lyn

    bright 🍋 lemon lemon yellow with 🍋 citrus citrus and 🍑 peach peach on the nose along with hints of honey and Smoky minerality. Great Balance of acidity and vibrant fruit with lingering honey and orange peel notes on a long finish
  9. 🇺🇸 Hal

    Overpriced and overdone I'm afraid. Ok at £20 a bottle
  10. 🇫🇷 Maxime

    Très beau Condrieu de chez Jean Luc.
    Au début c'est un peu fermé, je le laisse s'ouvrir quelques dizaines de minutes, et après ça, une explosion de saveurs. Un nez beurré, mais aussi abricot et pêche ! En bouche c'est généreux, c'est é quilibré, suave et rappelle les fruits tropicaux.
    Tres belle expression du Viognier !
    auto-translated to english
    Beautiful Condrieu from Jean Luc.
    At first it's a little closed, I leave open a few tens of minutes, and after that, an explosion of flavors. A buttery nose, but also apricot and 🍑 peach peach! The palate is generous, it is balanced, sweet and reminiscent of tropical fruit.
    Very beautiful expression of Viognier!
  11. 🇺🇸 Matthew

    Stone fruit, dry, crisp- light acidity
  12. 🇫🇷 GuillaumeO

    Excellent Condrieu ! Penser à l'ouvrir une heure avant.
    auto-translated to english
    Excellent Condrieu! Think open one hour before.
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