False Bay Shiraz 2013

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It has supple, well balanced wine. Flavours of cassis, sour plums and perfume notes enhanced with black pepper. Concentrated fruit, without being overbearing. Great length with soft elegant tannins on the finish.




South Africa


Western Cape


Shiraz, Syrah

Good with

Beef, Lamb, Game, Deer, Venison, Poultry, Red Meats


False Bay

  1. 🇺🇸 Gavin

    Lots of black fruits. Quite complex well structured. Fruity finish.
  2. 🇩🇪 Wolfgang

    Dunkles Purpurrot, noch schwer zugänglich, duftet nach Cassis, Pflaumen, schwarzer Pfeffer, kräftige Tannine am Gaumen, tut sich bei der Entfaltung aber noch schwer
    auto-translated to english
    Dark < strong> Purple strong>, < strong> difficult strong> to < strong> access strong>, < strong> smells strong> of < strong> cassis strong>, < strong>🍑 plums plums strong>, < strong> black strong> < strong> pepper strong>, strong tannins on the palate, going on in the unfolding but still < strong> difficult strong>
  3. 🇺🇸 Lorand

    Shiraz from Stellenbosch 82/100
  4. 🇩🇪 Barolo

    Wenig Geld - viel Spaß!
    Ein Wein, der für schmales Geld voll ü berzeugt!
    Saftig. Würzig. Pfeffrig. Alles gut ausgewogen.
    Ich erwartete nur einen Zecher. Ich bekam einen richtig guten Zecher! Genau so sollte ein Zecher sein!
    Top plv!
    auto-translated to english
    Little money -! Have fun
    A wine that fully convinced of narrow money
    Juicy. 🌶️ Spicy Spicy. Peppery. All well-balanced.
    I expected just a boozer. I got a really good Zecher! Just such a boozer should be!
    Top plv!
  5. 🇳🇱 Dennis

    Het sap van deze wijn wordt verkregen door de wijn niet te persen, maar door het na de vergisting te laten afvloeien.

    De wijn: In de neus een vrij kruidige geur van zwarte peper, zwart fruit en een licht metalige ondertoon. In de mond een vrij frisse aanzet van zwarte bessen en bramen, een hintje vanille, koffie en een klein bittertje naar de afdronk. Niet complex, maar voor de prijs wederom prima in orde.
    3* Platter's guide
    auto-translated to english
    of this wine juice is obtained by not forcing the wine, but by allowing it to flow off after the fermentation.

    The wine: The nose quite 🌶️ spicy spicy scent of black pepper, black fruits and a light metallic undertone. On the palate quite refreshing starter of black currants and blackberries, a hint of vanilla, coffee and a little bitter to the taste. Not complex, but for the price again fine.
    * 3 Platter's guide
  6. 🇩🇪 TSR

    Untypischer Shiraz, entweder noch verschlossen oder schlichtweg gänzlich andere Machart, Frucht zwar da aber gefühlt unterdrückt, leichte Opulenz fehlt, abwarten...
    auto-translated to english
    Untypical Shiraz, either still closed or simply suppressed while there but felt completely different style, fruit, light opulence is missing, wait ...
  7. 🇺🇸 Steven

    This is a not so special South -African made from 100%Shiraz 🍇 grapes grapes. But it is an easily drinking wine as there are so many are. The 🍇 grapes grapes are all handpicked,and after the fermentation he goes for six months in wooden barriques.
    Complex aromas of violets, black 🍒 cherry cherry, wild 🌿 herbs herbs, cloves and cassis.
    In the 👄 mouth mouth a lot of fruits with soft elegant tannins on the end.
    All in all, an everyday wine to enjoy, perhaps it brings you sunshine.
  8. 🇺🇸 GC

    Dry Shiraz with blackberry flavors but a bit too bitter to my liking and high on acidity. Finish is rather short. Still not too bad
  9. 🇺🇸 Marcus

    A good alround Shiraz. Quite light for the 🍇 grapes grapes.
  10. 🇺🇸 Colin

    A bit flat.
  11. 🇺🇸 Erik

    Deep ruby. Smooth entry. Juicy, fruity with 🌶️ spicy spicy after taste.
  12. 🇺🇸 Alexandra

    Blackberry jam, tar, smoke rubber, on the palate is fruity, touch of cloves, white pepper, light body, nothing special
  13. 🇺🇸 Giovanni

    Smooth, fruity Shiraz
  14. 🇺🇸 Clark

  15. 🇺🇸 Thomas

    Rich fruit, loads of alcohol, the tannins saves it. Some what. OK with a juicy red steak.
  16. 🇺🇸 Nico

    Served cool, which markedly changed the nose, reducing the spice and peppery notes in this Shiraz, allowing some green and vegetal notes to come forward. Often judged as a fault, they were pleasant enough here. Lavas, fresh peas, green pepper, cassis (very subdued) with a hint of anise. Becomes a more classic Shiraz when the 👄 mouth mouth warms it, brining forth some spice and black pepper. Simple basic Shiraz, made a little more interesting by cooling.
  17. 🇺🇸 Zachary

    Enjoyable Shiraz
  18. 🇺🇸 Gerry

    What a surprise! Lovely shiraz with a forest fruit (berries)aroma. Full bodied taste & a lovely mulberry after- taste. Definitely buying this one again!
  19. 🇺🇸 Georgie

    Medium bodied. Not typical Shiraz flavours but easy drinking.
  20. 🇺🇸 Katya

    Very pleasant. Goes well with 🌇 sunset sunset on the creek.
  21. 🇺🇸 Sabulls

    Good value
  22. 🇳🇱 Vivino

    Lekker doordrinkertje. Typisch shiraz. Geen hoogvlieger maar gewoon prima
    auto-translated to english
    Drink as tasty. Typically, Shiraz. No high flyer but just fine
  23. 🇺🇸 C

    Fruity, soft, little sweet. Not too special.
  24. 🇺🇸 Ian

    Ok, but not my favourite Shiraz
  25. 🇺🇸 Jeff

    Nicely priced delicious Shiraz.
  26. 🇺🇸 Kevin

    Well balanced body within good strike of fruitless and tannin
  27. 🇳🇱 Marco

    Tsja.... beetje lichtjes voor een Shiraz voor mijn smaak. Niet slecht maar ook niet echt een onderscheidende smaak. Licht zuurtje, korte afdronk.
    auto-translated to english
    Well .... a bit lightly Shiraz for my taste. Not bad but not really a distinctive flavor. Light acidity, short finish.
  28. 🇺🇸 Paul

    Absolutely courgess. Rich flavor and hardly no tannins. Perfect with a good piece of meat.
  29. 🇺🇸 Mark

    Everything you expect in a good Shiraz is here. Extremely well balanced. If it's on the wine list, order it. It won't disappoint.
  30. 🇳🇱 Marc

    Kruidige afdronk, lichte toon van donker rood fruit. Heeft voor mij wat aardse tonen. Ik zie hem in combinatie met een BBQ.
    auto-translated to english
    🌶️ Spicy Spicy finish, light tone of dark red fruit. Has to show me what earthly. I see it in combination with a BBQ.
  31. 🇺🇸 Andrew

    Nice and light. Eminently quaffable
  32. 🇺🇸 Hannes

    🌶️ Spicy Spicy, yet tame. Very smooth, the berries pack a punch.
  33. 🇺🇸 Neill

    Not great, cheap wine. Catches you a bit
  34. 🇺🇸 Mike

    Not a good year
  35. 🇩🇰 Claus

    Ikke så frugtrig og en smule mere bitter end jeg fortrækker Shiraz. En del syre. Er den ok til prisen - hvis jeg gav 70kr for den så ja. Gav jeg 100kr for den, så kan jeg komme på en del andre vine jeg hellere ville have drukket
    auto-translated to english
    Not as fruity and slightly more bitter than I prefer Shiraz. Part acid. Is it ok for the price - if I gave 70kr for it then yes. I gave 100kr for it so I can get on some other 🍷 wines wines I would rather have drunk
  36. 🇺🇸 Corinne

    I'm not usually a fan of Shiraz - at all - but this one was actually rather pleasant!
  37. 🇩🇪 Ralph

    Angenehm rund mit leichter Frucht
    auto-translated to english
    Pleasant round with lighter fruit
  38. 🇺🇸 Matt

    Very enjoyable, nice fruit and great big flavour for and easy meal with steak
  39. 🇩🇰 Christian

    Slet ikke prisen værd. En forholdsvis dårlig flaske.
    auto-translated to english
    Not worth the price. A relatively poor bottle.
  40. 🇺🇸 Mark

    I don't pretend to be a connoisseur of wine. I either like it or I don't. And I like this.
    A very nice wine definitely worth trying a couple of bottles.
  41. 🇺🇸 Bengt

    Not à typical shiraz but stil ok.
  42. 🇳🇱 Marijke

    Hert met kruidige saus, speculaaskruiden
    auto-translated to english
    Hert with 🌶️ spicy spicy sauce, speculaaskruiden
  43. 🇺🇸 Sadiq

  44. 🇺🇸 Anita

    Not dry, very easy to drink.
  45. 🇵🇹 Delmiro

    Sabor intenso e frutoso
    auto-translated to english
    intense and fruity flavor
  46. 🇺🇸 Laurence

    Medium body, decent fruity palate, peppery finish.
  47. 🇺🇸 Paul

    Quite interesting but not a deep flavour experience
  48. 🇭🇮 Casper

    auto-translated to english
  49. 🇺🇸 Jack

    Fruity, deep, rich flavours and excellent value.
  50. 🇩🇪 Peter

    Sylt. Etwas fassig
    auto-translated to english
    Sylt. something fassig
  51. 🇺🇸 Alex

    Very good.
  52. 🇺🇸 Katy

    Good for a Shiraz
  53. 🇩🇰 Victor

    God på de mørke bær, solbær & blåbær, med en smule røg over sig i næsen, ikke en tør vin, let på syren, udmærket til prisen .
    auto-translated to english
    Good on the dark berries, black currants and blue berries, with a bit of smoke in the nose, not a dry wine, lightly acid, excellent for the price.
  54. 🇺🇸 Tahla

    Heavy and bold blackberry flavor. Great with red meat dishes
  55. 🇺🇸 Michael

    Smooth plum loverly
  56. 🇺🇸 Gui

    A very decent shiraz, slightly rough and organic, for an unbeatable price.
  57. 🇺🇸 Graeme

    Pleasantly tasting wine, above average Shiraz and good for all occasions.
  58. 🇩🇪 Herman

    auto-translated to english
  59. 🇺🇸 Wayne

    Not as big a flavour as expected. A little disappointing.
  60. 🇺🇸 Kevin

    Fruity, dry and light.
  61. 🇺🇸 Thea

    🌶️ Spicy Spicy, rich & great with different meat 🥩👍
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